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Graphic explaining beiben heavy Kafa
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beiben heavy truck 12JS Series heavy-duty vehicles mechanical transmission, absorption of the many advantages of advanced integrated transmission and abroad, is the Fast Company research institutions transmission of painstaking research and development, the completion of an advanced high-power, high-load, low failure rate the twin countershaft series transmissions.

 12JS series of heavy vehicle mechanical transmission, absorption of the many advantages of advanced integrated transmission and abroad, is the Fast Company research institutions transmission of painstaking research and development, advanced dual completion of a high-power, high-load, low failure rate intermediate shaft series transmission.



Gear tooth root used in all large arc optimized design, all forward gears are locking ring with double-cone synchronizers . 12JS existing multiple sub- series products can be divided into 12JS160T (A), 12JS190T (A), 12JS200T (A) and 12JS240T (A) multi-species , multi- model . Can be adapted to the rated input torque of 1600Nm trucks, dump trucks , container trucks and all kinds of special vehicles, special vehicles .

● 12JS160T transmission structural features

    1 with the main and auxiliary tank combination of design, the main box hand manipulation ( 6 block ) , vice- tank gas manipulation ( 2 block ) .

    2 double countershaft transmission, power split , spindles and spindle gear floating.

    3 main and auxiliary gear boxes are made of large arc root, quasi- involute design , K -shaped block diagram according to scientific data, the accuracy of the teeth designed control gear peening strengthen and improve the carrying capacity.

    4 using a fine-tooth design, meshing smoothly, low noise.

    5 Fully synchronized , light and flexible shift mechanism , the main lock box for double-cone synchronizer ring , large capacity synchronous Vice inertia lock box for enhanced pin-type synchronizer , non-metallic friction materials, use and reliable.

    6 According to user requirements with the clutch housing , assembly, and other separation devices .

    7 short axial dimensions , light weight, large load capacity , reliable , and easy maintenance.

    8 gear arrangement reasonably small ratio steps , the first large gear ratio ( 15.53 ) , heavy climbing ability .

    9 . Clear gear shift flexible , can be single- H, Double H , single pole, double pole, flexible shaft manipulation.

● 12JS160T transmission requirements

    Proper transmission operation using rational , regular maintenance is essential to ensure safe and reliable car ride and extend the life of the transmission is very important , please follow the following requirements :

    1 Fill in the required transmission quality gear lubricant oil grades , their performance may not be less than 85W/90GL-5 vehicle gear oil.

    2 oil carried by the position of the oil level sight glass cone oil side of the transmission housing inspection , the oil level should be under observation hole edge flush with oil , not less than the minimum observed along the lower oil hole 5mm. Excessive amount of fuel will lead to transmission temperature and oil spills ; too little amount of fuel will result in poor parts lubricated , severe burning tank accident will occur.

North Pennines heavy truck parts - North-Benz Accessories - Transmission

Note: The oil is approximately : 16 l

    3 . Check the oil level

    Oil level should be checked regularly. Check the oil level when the car should be parked on a level surface. Due to the volume of thermal expansion of the oil , in order to prevent measurement allowed, after the vehicle can not be checked immediately , and only in the oil stabilization and slightly cold some time before .

    4 . Add oil

    Different types of lubricants in order to prevent chemical reactions , the lubricating oil should be added to ensure the same model as the original lubricant .

    5. Huanyouzhouqi

    When changing oil , the first of the original oil drained . The new transmission in 2000 ~ 5000Km driving when oil must be replaced . Each travel 10000Km should check the oil level and leakage of lubricating oil , at any time to add. Each should be replaced with 50000 ~ 80000Km oil .

    6. Operating Temperature

    Transmission highest temperature during continuous operation shall not exceed 120 ℃, the lowest temperature not lower than -40 ℃. Operating temperature exceeds 120 ℃ , oil will break down and shorten the life of the transmission . Any of the following conditions can cause the transmission temperature exceeds 120 ℃:

    a) continuously in the traveling velocity <32km / h in the case ; b) high engine speed ; c) high ambient temperatures ; d) a vortex around the transmission ; e) the exhaust system too close to transmission ; f) power overdrive .

    7 . Work tilt angle

    When the inclination angle exceeds the transmission work 12 °, lubrication may be insufficient . Work tilt angle equal to the transmission on the chassis mounting angle plus the slope angle . While if it exceeds 12 °, transmission oil pump should be installed or cooling devices to ensure good lubrication.

    8. Towing or coasting

    In the transmission operation, the transmission shafts and gears to rotate continuously , can provide adequate lubrication for the transmission. In the case of the rear wheels when the vehicle , a drive train connected to the tow line , the main box countershaft gear and the main gear does not rotate , and to drive the rear wheel spindle been rotated at high speed due to lack of lubrication this will cause serious damage to the transmission .

    In order to prevent the occurrence of this phenomenon , two points should be noted : Do not depress the clutch pedal the vehicle coasting in neutral ; When the vehicle needs to drag rows can be removed or disengaged axle shaft , but also allows the drive wheels off the ground and dragged .


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