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Heavy truck exports last batch beiben Mongolia 75 2536S tractor mighty sail Erlianhot, plus early on July 15 road crossings in the dry their hair to deliver 35 sets of users, a total of 100 units and 10 units 2536S tractor
    August 5 , the last batch beiben heavy truck exports Mongolia 75 2536S tractor mighty sail Erlianhot , plus early on July 15 road crossings in the dry their hair to deliver 35 sets of users , a total of 100 2536S tractor and officially delivered 10 sets of 2528K tipper Mongolia users. Up to now , this is beiben heavy truck largest single export contract . The export of Mongolia 110 units beiben heavy truck , mainly for Mongolia 's mining and transportation. Order in time pressing, urgent circumstances , beiben heavy truck vehicles can be delivered on schedule to the user . Customs Inner Mongolia , Baotou City Commodity Inspection Bureau, Mongolian customs have given beiben heavy truck support and help to make beiben heavy truck vehicles delivered to the successful completion of the work .    Mongolia , the Japanese side personnel inspect finished beiben heavy truck companies, on behalf of the Japanese side proposed the vehicle configuration ; engine horsepower ; transmission ratio ; fuel requirements ; frequent sand and dust storms in Mongolia season , vehicle air intake system how to meet vehicles ; during the winter , tens of degrees below zero cold , vehicles can start properly ; Mongolia extremely poor road conditions , vehicles can meet the requirements ; spares how procurement ; how to repair vehicles ; how training involves a series of vehicle purchases , etc. , transport, use , maintenance, personnel training issues. To solve the above problems, especially the Japanese side on technical issues raised by business people , marketing company dedicated to coordinating the various departments on behalf of the Mongolian side and the Japanese side provided detailed information and instructions. After a patient and meticulous several rounds of negotiations , beiben heavy truck sales company eventually won the sum of short-term delivery only 15 days bulk of foreign trade business contracts.    It is worth mentioning that the vehicle export Mongolia , beiben heavy truck with a local group to achieve a "team of marketing ." 100 semi-trailer through the operation of the contract requirements , Mongolia and Japan agreed that representatives of all semi-trailer truck company by a machine designed for the system , the move is designed to develop the Mongolian company dedicated steam car market , is designed to complete in 2005 the company operates steam target provides a good opportunity. In addition , construction machinery company beiben heavy truck exports for the carrier , but also to achieve the " earth " bulldozer out of the country , the long-cherished wish to enter the international market . It is understood , beiben heavy truck exports in three consecutive years , " double " on the basis of growth in the first half of this year, exports and to achieve " a qualitative leap ." As of June , beiben heavy truck vehicle exports about 500 , but the vast majority of these exports concentrated vehicles in civilian areas , in order to further expand the international beiben heavy truck market has laid a good foundation.    In the future development , beiben heavy truck sales company will be committed to the implementation of enterprise internationalization development strategy in the company's development , corporate culture, brand building , capital operation , technology upgrades, service philosophy , personnel training, development goals , etc., integration global concept. So beiben heavy truck in the near future , be able to show the majesty of heavy trucks in the international arena !
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